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Proof of Work
Price to Energy Index

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Melanin Energy Proof-of-Work Price to Hashrate (Energy) Index

1. Introduction: The index provides insights into the cost efficiency of the Melanin Smart Box in terms of its mining capacity for both Bitcoin and Whive. Owing to its unique features, the Smart Box leverages solar energy to offer sustainable, decentralized cryptocurrency mining.

2. Components:

  • Price (P): Represents the market value of the cryptocurrencies in question.
    • Bitcoin (BTC): $27,000
    • Whive (WHIVE): $0.0069
  • Hashrate (H): Denotes the global computational power being utilized to mine and verify transactions for the respective cryptocurrencies.
    • Bitcoin (BTC): 403 Ehs
    • Whive (WHIVE): 61 Khs

3. Formula: IndexValue(IV)=H/P​ Where:

  • IV indicates the index value or cost efficiency.
  • P is the cryptocurrency’s market price.
  • H is the global hashrate.

4. Index Values:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): IV_{BTC} = \frac{$27,000}{403} = $67.00 (This is a representation, not an exact value, as Ehs is a huge number)
  • Whive (WHIVE): IV_{WHV} = \frac{$0.0069}{61 x 10^{-3}} = $0.113 (Khs means thousands of hashes per second, hence we multiply it by 10−310−3 to express it in terms of hashes)

5. Interpretation: The IV gives insights into each cryptocurrency’s price in relation to its global hashrate. A lower IV suggests a more cost-effective system, indicating that for every unit of computational power (hashrate), there’s a smaller associated cryptocurrency value.

6. Role of the Melanin Smart Box:

  • Solar-Powered Mining: Uses renewable energy, ensuring green and potentially more economical mining operations.
  • Decentralized Mining: Affords individual users the chance to partake in Bitcoin lottery mining and Whive CPU mining, removing the need for extensive infrastructure.
  • Energy Management: Its energy-efficient design allows the Smart Box to optimize operations, permitting continuous mining even during periods with diminished sunlight.
  • Versatile Mining: Equipped to manage both Bitcoin and Whive mining, it can adapt as per market conditions and cryptocurrency profitability.

The Melanin Smart Box champions the merging of sustainable energy practices with decentralized mining, laying the groundwork for a more environmentally friendly and inclusive cryptocurrency future. This index acts as a benchmark to gauge the efficiency of such an endeavor given the current market scenarios.

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